What people are saying…

“These families were the original trailblazers and the reason that the OAP exists today. They deserve better. #Grateful

– NM

“I am so sad that Brenda and other families have to go to these lengths again to fight for their adult children. Our provincial government needs to step up and provide the supports needed for all children and adults with developmental disabilities.”

– AA

“Thank you for undertaking this courageous action once again!”

– JL

“This is heartbreaking to hear. You are true inspirations. Sending you strength and wishes that this battle is won quickly in your favour and for all the families in need of support.”

– MT

“I have a son who is turning 19 in a couple of weeks. I have never had the opportunity to thank you for what you did back in the day! My son was 4 yrs old, and because of what you did, you saved my kid! He continued therapy… I just wanted you to know the impact you had on me, my son and both of our futures!”

– LG

“It’s a tragedy when our young people, whose needs are so profound, cannot get the assistance they so desperately need without suing the government!”

– FK

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