Email to Premier Doug Ford & Minister Todd Smith & staff

Sent October 4, 2019

Dear Premier Ford and Minister Smith,

I am writing to ask you – to implore you, really – to make things right for our children, just as you have for the other at-risk Ontarians whose financial assistance you have very recently restored.

We need our children to be safe. You need this matter to go away.

This weekend, I would like nothing more than to cook dinner for my family, to watch the Aristocats with Michael (for probably about the 2,000th plus time!), to catch up on household chores, and who knows, maybe even sneak in a quick nap.

Instead, I am going to be working alongside the other families that your government has also abandoned, who like me, only want what is best for their children. Together and united, we will be preparing for our next steps in what frankly seems to be evolving into an all-out war against the two of you and against the Province. We have already been called “Autism Warriors”, but the truth is, we do not want to be fighters. We just want to be parents, husbands and wives.

We don’t want to take our fight to the Ontario Court of Justice, or to the Court of Public Opinion, for that matter. In our first venture into the latter, however, we have discovered that public support is very strongly on our side. We are confident that we have an equally strong legal case. However, once again, this is definitely not the route we want to go.

But go we will, if we must.

I urge you to reconsider your decision. Make things right. Working together, I know there is still a chance to resolve this matter amicably and restore the wellbeing and safety of our children at risk.

Brenda Deskin

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